How Fountain5 Helped Lift Our Client’s Trade Show Booth

Fountain5 experienced the grandness and diversity of the global helicopter industry first-hand by designing, setting up and helping manage a 70 foot by 40 foot trade show booth for Waypoint Leasing at the 2016 HAI HELI-EXPO, in Louisville, Kentucky. with over 14,000 visitors and 695 exhibitors attending to the world’s largest helicopter show.

With helicopters supporting emergency medical services, law enforcement, the military, and offshore oil and gas activity, the trade show booth was an outstanding opportunity to promote Waypoint’s message and branding.

A complex and rewarding process
DAHU began a two-month long process of designing and organizing everything for the trade show.

  • Brainstorming booth design ideas in collaboration with our client. We drafted our ideas with 3-D renderings for the booth’s look and feel—which we presented for client approval
  • Coordinating with the various companies that contributed to the booth, including the trade show exhibitor, booth builders, furniture suppliers and internet provider
  • Planning and organizing all aspects of the booth’s presentation and organization, which included an impressive 400-pound, 20×20-foot rotating helicopter rotor—powered by an electric motor displaying Waypoint branding directly above the booth
  • Keeping the client constantly informed of all third party costs, which helped keep the project within budget
  • Building strong relationships with third party suppliers, which helped all trade show booth components run smoothly and in conjunction

DAHU offered on-site support
After spending months organizing and preparing for the trade show, DAHU staff were on-site for the entire three-day event to offer client support and to ensure the booth operated as designed. Our strong relationships with third party suppliers were particularly helpful in ensuring all booth components worked correctly and satisfied our client’s expectations.

Should your business be involved in creating and managing a trade show booth, we feel that being proactive and organized in all aspects of the booth design, and preparation, will help ensure a successful experience. A brief malfunction can instantly take your booth from success to failure, but building strong relationships with your third party suppliers can minimize risks while lowering your costs.

DAHU are experts at designing and implementing trade show booths, and have the resources and tools to help provide a flawless experience during your trade show.